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Here's how Apollon Upskilling Solutions can help you prepare for and land your next career move:


Personalized Skill Development 

  • Personalized learning experiences to help you develop the skills you need to land an in-demand, household sustaining career. 

  •  Career, interest and skills assesments

  •  Role-specific learning and  certifications aligned to your goals. 


Professional Branding and Resume Prep

  • Professional branding support

  •  LinkedIn profile review and consultation

  • Resume review and consultation

  • Interview prep and coaching


Career Coaching and Placement Services

  • Career Coaching

  • Placement Services

    • Your learning is aligned to our partners and the most in demand business needs.

    • Once you're skilled up, our goal is to help you land your next role!  

Through our nonprofit, we specialize in assisting women in their prime years and individuals who have been underserved in finding, preparing for and securing jobs that provide household sustaining income.


We provide career focused learning paths that are tailored to develop the skills needed for high demand jobs. These pathways are designed using generative AI technology for speed and agility, and aligned to our partners and extensive network of employers' needs.


We know everyone is different. That's why our hybrid learning approach offers flexibility allowing you to pursue your career development from anywhere with over 550 skills, 250 roles and 10 million unique learning assets, allowing the learning to be personalized for your unique needs and preferences.


Our programs are intended for skill development and career advancement, equipping you with skills within a three month period to confidently transition into your next role.


Within our three month Career Transitioning Programs we offer a three part cohort that includes personalized skill development, professional branding, resume and interview preparation, in addition to career coaching and placement services.

3 Month: 3 Part Career Transitioning Cohorts


Information Technology:


Cyber Security


Help Desk / Desk Support 


Data & AI / Generative AI




Business Development:


Account Executive (Sales)


Customer Success (Account Management)


Business Development Representative (Pre-Sales Outbound)


Sales Development Representative (Pre-Sales Inbound)


Business Operations:


Project Management: CAPM Certification 


Data Analyst

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