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Our Pricing & Packaging


Personalized Learning Experiences
(starting at $9,999+ pupm cost)

Unlock 50M+ Learning Assets: Our AI-Driven Platform Delivers Personalized Experiences, Adaptive Assessments, Certifications, and Seamless Integration of Internal and External Resources – Your One-Stop Hub for Skill Mastery!


Change Enablement
(starting at $19,999)

Elevate your organization with our Change Enablement Solution Package. Benefit from company and employee alignment frameworks, interactive workshops, and collaborative initiatives. Empower your team to seamlessly navigate change through social learning. Achieve a unified, engaged workforce ready for transformation.


Talent Pipelining
(starting at $24,999+ per placement cost)

Craft a tailored partnership for enduring talent solutions aligned to your organizations needs.


Together, we attract, develop, and source role-ready talent, ensuring a future-ready workforce

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