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Who We Are

Forging the Path to Employee Excellence

About Us

The Founders of Apollon Upskilling Solutions

Founded by twin sisters Jasmine and Jheryn, Apollon Upskilling Solutions was formed to address the quickly evolving workforce landscape and resulting skill gaps within organizations. With a highly qualified team comprising diverse expertise in tech, healthcare, telecom, manufacturing sales, and nonprofit leadership, the Apollon team has a proven track record of helping talent hone essential soft skills while achieving technical proficiency.

Apollon Upskilling Solutions takes immense pride in our coveted recognition as a Minority/Woman-Owned Business Enterprise and a Certified Small Business Enterprise.

Our Mission

Where Talent Development Meets Innovation

Apollon Upskilling Solutions exists to help organizations optimize talent and skill sets within their workforce and achieve harmony between technology, processes and people.

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Core Values

How Apollon Bridges Skills Gaps & Empowers Talent Transformation

Developing Existing Talent Within Organizations & Businesses

Apollon offers employee and manager upskilling solutions to help businesses and organizations achieve consistency and optimize employee productivity, setting them up for future success.

Help Schools Prepare Graduates for In-Demand Jobs

School enrollment benefits from employability just as much as graduates do. We work with higher education institutions to help prepare students for entry-level careers while positioning them for success in highly competitive candidate pools.

Helping the Public Sector Better Equip Talent for Skilled Positions

Just like businesses and organizations, governmental agencies are having an upskilling revolution of their own. Our upskill training solutions empower talent performance management and agency agility. 

Redefining Equity in the Workplace

Offering a Skilled & Diverse Global Team

Equity is at the heart of Apollon Upskilling Solutions' operations. Our diverse global team possesses multifaceted experience, helping employees realize true talent and skill development. Our deep focus on elevating individual strengths and incorporating personal learning preferences enables us to cultivate a highly inclusive talent development program. 

Apollon Leadership

Meet Our Team of Employee Talent Development Experts


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Begin Your Talent Transformation

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Our Team

Apollon Upskilling Solutions is a Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Certified Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE). Our team consists of experts, in technology and talent development with experience working at companies such as Deloitte, Salesforce, HP, LinkedIn and Pfizer. We have multiple partnerships throughout the globe including, Second Nature, and Salesforce.


The Apollon team brings together professionals from sectors including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, telecom and more.


We are also accomplished professionals in enablement, sales leadership and consulting across the USA, Africa, India and the Philippines.

Above all else our shared goal is to shape a future where people and business thrive through change.  

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NAICS & Business Codes:


Custom Systems Design Services


Administrative Management Consulting


All other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services


Other Computer Related Services


Computer Training


Professional and Management Development Training


Consulting Services


Data Processing, Computer Programming and Software Services


Educational & Training Services

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