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Our Mission

Our global upskilling mission is to empower organizations and individuals worldwide to anticipate skill demands, develop future-proof job skills, and thrive in today's ever-changing business landscape, socially and economically. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a future where change is not just simple. It's also embraced continuously. We aim to bridge the gaps in skills create possibilities improve experiences and contribute to building a thriving society, one organization, at a time.


Our Core Values


We foster a growth mindset.

We strive to go beyond excellence, adapting quickly to change and setting a high standard for ourselves.


We create powerful synergy through collaboration.

We believe our collective work, experience, and ideas create outcomes far greater than any of us could create alone. We prioritize gaining a deep understanding of our clients needs, challenges and desired outcomes  both short and long term, allowing us to work together to exceed their expectations.


We seek win-win scenarios.

We are committed to seeking win-win scenarios in all aspects of our business. This value underpins our approach to collaboration, partnerships, and decision-making.

We are skilled and passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our diverse global teams make us stronger. Our passion for equity sets us apart, recognizing individual needs to unlock each person's potential. Inclusion means creating a welcoming environment that accommodates individual needs and preferences, unlocking super powers in the process. 

We work hard and play hard.

We love what we do and the lines between work and play are often blurred. We are hyper focused on exceeding customer expectations, while also taking the time to enjoy our favorite non-work related play. Some of these include family time, music, food, traveling, volunteering, and most outdoor activities to name a few.

Our Team

Apollon Upskilling Solutions is a certified business enterprise (SBE) and minority women business enterprise (MWBE). Our team consists of experts, in technology and talent development with experience working at companies such as Deloitte, Salesforce, HP, LinkedIn and Pfizer. We have multiple partnerships throughout the globe including, Second Nature, and Salesforce.


The Apollon team brings together professionals from sectors including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, telecom and more.


We are also accomplished professionals in enablement, sales leadership and consulting across the USA, Africa, India and the Philippines.


We are currently in the process of obtaining certifications as a minority business enterprise (MBE) and women business enterprise (WBE).


Above all else our shared goal is to shape a future where people and technology progress hand, in hand.

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Custom Systems Design Services


Administrative Management Consulting


All other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services


Other Computer Related Services


Computer Training


Professional and Management Development Training

Business Codes


Consulting Services


Data Processing, Computer Programming, and Software Services


Educational and Training Services

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