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Apollon Upskilling Solutions: Forging the Path to Qualified Talent

Get in touch with the Apollon team to learn more about our upskill training solutions, leadership training, and more.


We're Here to Help You Guide You Toward Talent Development Success

Apollon values transparency, and we want you to feel supported throughout the implementation process and beyond. Here, you can find resources and questions about our experience, pricing structure, who and where we service, what companies we work with, what to expect when engaging our help, and more.

  • If working with individuals, is there a degree required?
    No degree is required. We will assess your skills and interests, and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Do you work with individuals?
    In some cases. If one of our cohorts aligns to your needs and interests, we are glad to work with you. Contact us to discuss your needs.
  • What is your pricing structure?
    We are value-based, end-to-end solutions provider, who believes in providing value to each of our clients and are committed to delivering results. We provide our clients with a not-to-exceed cost estimate before beginning any work. This includes a traditional saas model, per user per month cost for learners with professional service fees based on the statement of work. No one likes surprises, so we work with our clients to understand your specific business needs and then outline our plan of action and the associated costs to implement those solutions.
  • What kind of background and expertise does your solutions firm have?
    Apollon Upskilling Solutions is a Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Certified Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE). Our team consists of experts, in technology and talent development with experience working at companies such as Deloitte, Salesforce, HP, LinkedIn and Pfizer. We have multiple partnerships throughout the globe including, Second Nature, and Salesforce. The Apollon team brings together professionals from sectors including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, telecom and more. We are also accomplished professionals in enablement, sales leadership and consulting across the USA, Africa, India and the Philippines. ​ Above all else our shared goal is to shape a future where people and business thrive through change.
  • Why would my company need to work with a consulting firm like yours?
    Typically our clients are experiencing one or more of the following scenarios: Struggling to keep their talent up to speed with innovation. This is usually based on skills to use new technology, or skills to perform their jobs at pace with market demands and competition. Struggling to know what they don’t know. They struggle to know what skills are most crucial and for whom before it starts negatively impacting business objectives or productivity. Their workforce needs to develop the skills to keep up with change. Challenges with attracting and developing talent with the right skills for the jobs. The company is not getting the full value from their investment in technology because their employees lack the skills to use it beyond surface level. The company’s job descriptions are limiting their talent pool unnecessarily. There is low diversity or innovation at the company.
  • What is the cost of working with your firm if I am interested as an individual?
    It depends on whether you are joining a cohort or require more individualized attention. The cost varies, and starts at $2,999. Contact us to discuss your needs and our availability today.
  • What size companies do you work with?
    Our clients range from 200 employees to 75,000 employees
  • What geographical areas do you service?
    We are physically located in Newark, New Jersey, USA. But the majority of our work can be done virtually, which allows us to service clients throughout the globe. We have global partners in India, Israel, Africa and throughout the United States.
  • What results can my company expect from working with your firm?
    Outcomes: Accelerate Onboarding: Set your new hires up for success, from the beginning. At Apollon Upskilling Solutions, we specialize in taking your onboarding process to heights. We make sure that your new team members hit the ground running and excel from the start. How do we do it? By creating personalized, immersive and measurable onboarding experiences designed to engage and empower them. Our approach combines tailored guidance, interactive learning and measurable milestones. It's not just about introducing hires to the team; it's about equipping them with the necessary tools, knowledge and support to thrive in your organization. Prepare to witness a transformation in productivity and employee retention from day one. Elevate your onboarding experience to ensure that every new hire contributes effectively and remains motivated right, from their initial day onward. Increase Productivity and Expedite Job Readiness: Imagine a scenario where your entire workforce is operating at their potential no matter where they are located. With our chosen platform, you are able to quickly access skills and gaps, then personalize learning solutions that act as the catalyst for achieving job readiness and maximizing productivity at scale. Envision this; Your team members spread across the country or even the globe, performing at their best and armed with all the knowledge and skills to thrive. This is what our upskilling solutions promise to deliver—an outcome that creates a lasting impact throughout your organization. Through our personalized learning experiences, we not only enhance productivity. We change the game in performance. Brace yourself for witnessing your workforce soar to heights and consistently deliver results regardless of their location, or background. Innovation through a broader and more diverse talent pool: Tap into and develop a varied pool of individuals who possess the transferrable skills and can quickly develop new skills to meet both current and future job requirements. A diverse range of talent offers a multitude of perspectives and experiences that act as a catalyst for forward thinking—the kind of thinking that propels companies towards success. Take your organization to heights by embracing employee skill development, ideas, and viewpoints that drive innovation. Improve Employee Engagement: Employees want to feel valued, seen and heard. They also want to be challenged and have clear-cut pathways to achieve their career goals. Align learning to employee career paths and watch employee engagement increase. Improve Employee Retention: By focusing on improving employee retention, you can not only reduce the costs associated with turnover but also promote team stability and create an environment where talent can thrive. Ultimately this leads to boosted performance and increased chances of success. Increase Diversity: By fostering increased diversity within your organization, you will be able to better drive innovation, creativity, and a wider range of perspectives. This can lead to stronger problem-solving, improved decision-making, and enhanced competitiveness in the market.
  • Why should my large enterprise company work with your firm?
    Here's the thing: most companies in our space tend to focus on singular aspects, such as providing a tech platform for learning or simply filling job requisitions sent to them by talent acquisition. However, we take a markedly different approach. We are an end-to-end solutions provider, with global partnerships spanning over 300 employees, offering comprehensive services that go beyond conventional methods. Holistic Approach to Problem-Solving Our philosophy revolves around a holistic understanding of your needs. We don't just deploy technology for learning or rely solely on headhunters to match job applicants. Instead, we delve deep into your business's DNA, comprehensively assessing changing market needs, and aligning these with your existing job descriptions. Adapting Skills to Market Dynamics One of our key differentiators is our proactive stance on skill development aligned with shifting market conditions. We ensure that your employees and talent pool are equipped with the most contemporary and relevant skills. We don't just react; we anticipate, ensuring your workforce is consistently ahead of the curve. Strategic Skill Development Understanding the skills needed in the evolving market is crucial. Recognizing any skill mismatches within your talent pool, we not only identify these gaps but also take proactive steps to develop the necessary skills internally. Simultaneously, we fortify your talent pipeline by nurturing and enhancing the skills of potential candidates, ensuring a sustainable talent pool aligned with your organization's future needs. Partners in Your Growth We're not just a service provider; we're your strategic partner in growth. Our commitment extends beyond delivering solutions. We collaborate closely with you, serving as a trusted advisor, guiding your organization toward success amidst the ever-changing business landscape. Conclusion: Empowering Your Journey In a world where adaptability and agility are non-negotiable, our firm stands as a beacon of comprehensive solutions. We're not just here to fulfill needs; we're here to anticipate and prepare for the challenges of today, tomorrow and beyond. Partner with us to harness the power of a holistic approach, align your workforce with market demands, and foster a culture of continuous skill development that propels your company toward sustained success.
  • What types of companies do you work with?
    The list of industries and types of companies we have experience with is too vast to name them all, however here is a list of the most common industries our teams work with: Manufacturing Energy / Oil / Gas Technology Logistics and Transportation Financial Services Hospitality Retail Pharmaceuticals Workforce development Trade schools Higher education High Schools
  • What can I expect from the initial consultation?
    Every potential new client meets with one of our founders or a managing partner within our firm. This initial consultation is not a sales call, we want to provide full transparency to who we are as a company and have an open dialogue with you to determine how we might help your business. We do not try to be all things to all organizations. If we don’t believe we can help solve your company’s challenges or meet its goals & expectations, we will quickly tell you. Our firm is built on strong core values and the belief that our success is achieved by helping you to be successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

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