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Onboarding Fast Track

Course Length: 2 weeks

Onboarding Fast Track:

Accelerated Onboarding and Upskilling Program: Fast-Track to Efficiency

Welcome to a groundbreaking two-week program designed to dramatically shorten the path to full productivity for new hires. Customized to both company and individual needs, this innovative, tech-enabled initiative blends employee and manager upskilling with a focus on both immediate onboarding success and ongoing skill development.


Participants will emerge from the program fully integrated into the company culture and operating at a level of productivity that typically takes months to achieve. This initiative not only fast-tracks new hire readiness but also equips managers to foster a high-performance team environment, resulting in significant efficiency gains and sustained growth for the company.


Key features of the program include:

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Individualized Learning Experience:

Personalized onboarding paths based on role, goals, and individual skill gaps ensure relevance and impact from day one.

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Manager Training:

Equips managers with strategies to support new team members effectively, enhancing the onboarding experience.

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Holistic Skill Development:

A comprehensive curriculum that encompasses soft skills, technical skills, role-specific skills, and leadership development, preparing employees to excel in their new career paths at your company.

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Accelerated Productivity:

Aims to double the speed at which new hires reach peak productivity, benefiting from an efficient, supportive onboarding process.

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Beyond Onboarding:

Introduces continuous learning opportunities to support long-term professional growth and adaptability.



Double the speed to productivity with Apollon Upskilling Solutions and unlock your employees' potential for excellence faster. This program is your bridge to not only onboarding talent but retaining talent long-term.

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