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Hear What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Impact

"There were huge ranges in skill on our AE team due to a recent consolidation. The training from Apollon's team really helped get AEs up to speed who didn't have the same knowledge of new tools as those promoted from BDR. Look forward to working with them in the future."


Michelle K


"One of LinkedIn’s teams needed to accelerate learning of the newest product offering for the existing team in addition to new hires navigating the role faster. With Apollon’s framework and approach, the users were able to deliver big for the team - a 30% growth in revenue in only 6 mos."


Chase J

Sales Leader, Linkedin Sales Solutions

"Having worked in pharmaceutical sales for over 20 years, and launching 9 new products and dozens of new indications, this process gave me the confidence and ability to quickly learn how to detail the new products, leading to 2 Fast Start Awards and a President's Club Win!"


Lisa B

Healthcare Sales, Merck

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